Saturday, 3 October 2020

What I'm Watching on YouTube - September 2020

 While I sit doing hobby stuff - like military model making - I usually have YouTube playing away on my laptop for some background entertainment (who says men can't multi-task)! ๐Ÿ˜„

I have featured some of my favourite military themed YouTube channels in the past, but I have (many) other interest and my 'watch list' is pretty eclectic. So I thought I'd share with you some of the stuff that amuses and entertains me...

1. 7 Days To Die - Cabin In The Woods: Glock9
I really got heavily into the zombie survival/crafting PC game and although I've since moved onto other games I still like to keep up to date with how the game is evolving (up to version Alpha 19 now) and enjoy seeing what's new.

Now, there are many 7D2D vloggers by I have found that Glock9's amiable commentary to be among the most listenable and entertaining. I like his selection of personal challenges that he sets himself for his series, the current - 'Cabin in the Woods' - being to upgrade and defend a single small dwelling against a game setting of a horde every night! Sit back and enjoy... 

2. Gta 5 Challenge - Survive The Hunt #27: FailRace
While I really enjoyed GTA 5 as a single player experience I never really got into the lively online multiplayer version of the game. That said, if there would be one GTA game format that would get me to have a try it would be 'Survive the Hunt', a modded online version of hide and seek!

If this doesn't sound very exciting I would beg to differ and suggest you take a look at one of FailRace's game recordings. I personally find this very watchable eSport and would rather watch a session of this than a televised game of football or other sport! Each to their own I suppose...

3. Matchbox Maserati 4CLT Custom: Paul Youdelis
Diecast toy restoration isn't a hobby bug that I have caught - for once - but I do find the process absolutely fascinating. Paul Youdelis is one of a growing community of hobbiests who get a kick out of taking an old bashed up and neglected classic diecast vehicle and restoring it to something like it's former glory.

As a kid I myself had a collection of Matchbox, Dinky and Corgi diecast vehicles - mostly military - that will played with to destruction, so I love seeing some of these toys being given a second life and bringing joy to another owner. This story is typical and heartwarming...

4. The Search for the Real Necronomicon: Mysterious Middle East
As a fan of the horror author H. P. Lovecraft I am intrigued by the origins of his fictional Mythos and so am always on the lookout for videos concerning ancient mythology, religious pantheons and the occult.

However, my world view is very much that of a Westerner and it's history so I was intrigued when I came across the Mysterious Middle East YouTube channel as I know practically nothing about Eastern and Oriental mythology and religious origin stories. Who knew that there really was a Necronomocon?

5. The Tingler | Welcome To The Basement: BlameSociety
I'm a big movie geek and I'm particularly fond of 'classics' and 'cult' movies - good and bad - so it should come as no surprise I watch a lot of YouTube movie reviews. I particularly like film deconstructions, where the YouTuber/s attempt to interpret the meaning/s behind particular movies - it's always interesting to hear other views and perhaps disagree with them or have my own theories endorsed!

'Welcome to the Basement' is a delightfully witty - mainly of the 'Dad humour ' type ๐Ÿ˜‰ - watch party where a couple of movie geeks view a selected 'classic' and give a running commentary of  stuff that you were probably thinking when you watched it or will think when you get around to watching it. Sometimes their 'review' is enough to tell you whether it's perhaps a movie that you should maybe skip! ๐Ÿ˜„

At any rate, there is enough good cinematic facts peppered throughout the shenanigans to make this series of videos well worth a watch...Welcome to the basement!

Well, that's it for now, though I will probably update this selection every so often. Hope you find something here that you might find enetertaining!

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