Saturday, 30 March 2013

Visit to the Leeds Royal Armouries

Have just returned from a pre-Easter weekend break to Leeds. For the wife it was some well deserved shopping therapy an for me it was a long promised visit to the famous Leeds Royal Armouries.

Unfortunately my plans for my visit - to view 19th Century arms, including an example of Gatling Gun - failed dismally. This was only because the darn place is SO BIG! Please take my advice if you intend to visit the museum in Leeds, either chose exactly what you want to see from the online inventory and go straight to that or set aside two days to do the museum.

We made the mistake of underestimating how large the collection is and started at the bottom of the multistory building and tried to work our way to the top. We got about halfway and I had to give in. But what a collection, it really is superb and very well thought out.

My only criticism is that they seem to have a policy of lighting conservation of 'quiet days' where some cabinets were not illuminated to save their electricity bills. On the positive side this all sets me up for a second - better planned - visit.

Link to the Armouries: Leeds | Royal Armouries