Sunday, 8 September 2013

KWA/PTS advanced electric blowback

One thing that has surprised me is that during my absence from airsoft over the past couple of years that now I have returned there isn't any great advance in AEG design. Now most would say 'if it ain't broke don't fix it', but when the industry has - it seems - run out of ideas about new replica designs you might have thought that they would turn their ingenuity to technical innovation?

KWA/PTS *think* they may have stolen the lead (finally) in the quest to provide us with realistic recoil WITHOUT resorting to messy gas. Their new PTS RM4 ERG is an electric design and yet they claim it gives the feel of a gas blow back airsoft replica.

Oh dear, another Armashite design - but I guess they have to make any
new innovation pay for itself.

It seems that - according to GS blog - that so far electric blowback has failed to capture the imagination of ordinary airsofters because the effect is marginal and adds complexity and stress on AEGs. (I have only seen one electric blow back gun - a Chinese MP5 - and all it really seemed to do was add a metallic 'clack' to the mix.)

Anyway - the KWA/PTS sounds interesting and at the very least kudos to them for trying BUT I can't help thinking that - as with TM's much vaunted recoil system* - it may just be another bit of bling for the richer geardos to brag about!

Read more about the KWA/PTS gun here: Gaming Shogun - PTS RM4 SCOUT ERG AIRSOFT GUN REVIEW

* Though the KWA system doesn't require proprietary mags!

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