Thursday, 23 April 2015

Return to normal service on the cards!

I have some good news to relate (for anyone who is interested)! Yesterday saw a very momentous event with joyous implications for my computer gaming activities (and other hobbies). I got my attic ‘man cave’ back!

For at least a year and a half all serious game playing sessions playing and various other activities have been curtailed due to my ‘hobby room’ (aka attic man-cave) being relegated to being the house's junk store. I couldn’t even see my work desk for the random pile of oddments that had been precariously balanced on it. Hence my concentration on smaller kit projects that I could undertake on my lap-top modelling tray (see Kitnoob).

But yesterday - getting back to the point - saw the lifting of this embargo and my attic space was finally cleared of accumulated detritus due to some house-wide decorating and carpet fitting (which as a by-product resulted in us having to tackle the enormous mountain of crap we had been storing for no good reason other than ‘it might come in handy one day’, but didn’t)!

The result is I now have this….

Beaty's 'man-cave' 2015 (minus new carpet which has now been fitted).
In effect my attic has not been this junk free since I first sorted it out in April 17th 2013. I know because I took a picture back then too…

Beaty's 'man-cave' 2013!
If anything I seem to be even more junk free and tidy than I was back in 2013, which is a good thing. Plus the missus has promised that - now we have a posh carpet in - we can buy some proper storage furniture to replace the hotchpotch of plastic boxes that I was hiding crap in!

So there we go. I’m not exactly ready to start any intensive computer game playing or military modelling projects as there is still a lot to do - mainly unpacking boxes of stuff - and I *think* I am in need of a new monitor as my current one has been a bit glitchy (maybe all the dust stirred up during decorating) but I'm nearly at the point where I have a comfy and spacious island of tranquility again!

So, upwards and onwards! :)