Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Spooky War Movies

It's maybe a tiny bit late for a Halloween post, but my Celtic ancestry means that Winter as a whole is a time for ghost stories and spooky goings on, so I was glad to find a couple of  spooky war movies on Netflix.

The first is based on one of my guilt pleasures - a Nazi Zombie movie! The second is more of a 'jump scare' supernatural horror.

Sadly - for me at least - the hay day of Nazi Zombie flicks is kinda been and gone. Movies like 'Outpost', 'Dead Snow', 'Frankensteins Army', and 'Bloodstorm' were a long way short of Oscar material but they had their own particular charm (if you are the sort of person that like 'bad' movies)! 😆

'Overlord' (2018)

'Ghosts of War' (2020)

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