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Crafting Projects... Between Projects!

This week I am literally playing with fire as I craft a couple of decorated box…

HMS Unicorn - The Oldest Ship in Scotland

Yesterday I happened to come across a video on YouTube about the museum ship HM…

1/700 Tamilya Model of HMS Nelson Research

I spent yesterday doing some basic research about how to go about building my n…

Dad & Daughter Game Night - BACK4BLOOD Campaign Finale

Dad'n'Daughter Game Night - Back4Blood Campaign Finale! Last night Stac…

Dad'n'Daughter Back4Blood Session

We can't get enough of those zombies, so here we go again with Back4Blood..…

Back to Model Making, Easy Start

Since my mild stroke - last September - my model making abruptly halted. This w…

Dad & Daughter Game Night - Golf With Your Friends and Sonic Team Racing

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Model Making

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