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2nd Airsoft Gun Repair Complete - AKS74U

Replacing the Wooden AKS74U Upper Handguard With a 'Tactical' Vented Ve…

Captain's Log, Star Date 77948.3

A Very Minor Workbench Update

Blast from the Past - AIRSOFT!

Clearing Out The Attic And Guess What I found?

On The Workbench - Mid-June 2024

Summer Garden Prep Versus Hobby Projects!

Photo Shoot .38 Special Gun Prop Model Project

Recreating A 1940's Detectives Desk Top

3D FALLOUT Vault Boy Complete

Inspired By The Recent Amazon Prime TV Series, I Made A Vault Boy

This Is REALLY It for Zombie Army 4! (Honest!)

We Still Have Some Loose Ends to Tidy Up In This Game!

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Model Making

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