Tuesday, 15 September 2015

MAGLAN reborn? But what game to play?

'Magnus' - the not so congenial host of MAGLAN
MAGLAN, the tiny drunken get together of the ironically named BIG clan (there are only six of us now) is scheduled for November. As usual there now takes place our traditional disagreement of just what game/s we should be playing together.

As there is no big blockbuster military FPS that has our interest (we all tired of BF4) we have degenerated into a two faction split. Half of us would kind-of like to play some sort of competitive FPS (like Insurgency) and the other half seem to be interested in a futuristic RTS called 'Act of Aggression'.

Now, I have to be honest - I'm a bit 'Meh!' about RTS games. I like more direct action when it comes to my military games and I'm not a great multi-tasker so the whole multi-unit co-ordination thing just frazzles my tiny brain!

MAGLAN 2015's 'refreshment point'. Two kegs between
six of us (plus our preferred bottle of spirits each). This is
why I think computer games that demand coordination and
concentration - like RTSs - are probably beyond us!

I have tried - and even enjoyed - a few RTS games in the past. But my preference had been the slower paced and slightly more methodical turn-based strategy games like 'Age of Empires', 'Civilization' and 'Company of Heroes'. I seem to need the breathing space to take in the strategic element of the complete battlefield that these 'u go then I go' games format affords me.

So I was pleasantly surprised when one of my favourite YouTube game vloggers featured a new game that I hadn't heard of called 'Warshift'. This mix of FPS action combined with RTS unit and resource management appears to be the sort of game that might appeal to all the BIG clan crew...

I'll be looking more closely at this game - it's an 'Early Access Game' on STEAM, but seems quite well developed none the less - and will report back my findings. But, it looks promising so finger's crossed that the BIG clan guys think it might be worth a go.