Friday, 17 March 2017

Goodbye BIG clan!

A bit of a sad day today. BIG clan - that little group of computer gaming friends of mine - formally disbanded!

After several years of anarchic, drunken dumasery, the consensus among the group was that we wanted to do something 'a bit more serious'! And so we looked around to find a bigger gaming clan so we could get some competition matches going in World of Tanks.

Well, we found a clan, H5VOC...I'm meeting them online tonight for my first session (other members of BIG having already joined)...

While - for me at least - this is a little bittersweet, as I have enjoyed our 'we just don't try' (amid raucous drunken laughter), attitude I have to admit that it will be nice to have a bigger pool of players available so there's always someone to team up with (one of the downsides of our tiny clan was that - as we all have different jobs and activities - there wasn't always someone around when you wanted to play).

Still, I will miss the old 'just fecking about' days. Goodbye 'BIG'...