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What's Happening With Milgeek? Health Update & New Hobbies

Health issues means a slight change in direction for hobbies...

My 5 Favourite Modelling Channels

Five of most entertaining YouTube model making channels, in my opinion...

Our Friends Electric - Army Goes 'Eco'!

Are Hybrid/Electric fighting vehicles the inevitable future on the battlefield?

Old School Bullshine Boots!

These are my boots, there are many like them!

The strangeness of the Airfix 1/76 'M4/Mk.1' Sherman!

My thoughts on Airfix's somewhat maligned vintage Sherman kit...

Return to Scale Modelling Project Planned!

Planning ahead with a selection of classic British tanks!

Back to Black - Swiss Army Knife.

Changing the handles on a Swiss Army Knife (Easy)...

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Model Making

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