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Scarborough Castle Knights Tournament Day

Yea verily, t'was a scorching hot day of action at the castle!

Up Next: The Airfix 1/76 Cromwell Tank Kit

Another practise kit, but one I actually like...

Returning to Model Making - 1/144 Revell FW190

I just finished my first kit since I had my stoke, yikes...

War Gaming Closure? Finishing Abandoned Models

Last year was very much a time of great changes for me, not only because of he…

Modelling Diary - 1st July 2022

I just thought that I would highlight the fact that I've started producin…

Crafting Projects... Between Projects!

This week I am literally playing with fire as I craft a couple of decorated box…

HMS Unicorn - The Oldest Ship in Scotland

Yesterday I happened to come across a video on YouTube about the museum ship HM…

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Model Making

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