Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Little update - summer games

Summer is - barring the occasional British shower - here. While the winter has been all about my modelling hobby (and the occasional games) the sunny weather now has me thinking about other pastimes. That very fine gentleman airsofter 'Spider' took some footage of his latest outing at NTAC, 20th July 2014 and as usual it has me wondering is I can still run with the young guys...

This kind of site interests me and seems to suit my geriatric fitness level - it's flat, little to trip over or fall down and it's not too big. --- When are airsoft site 'designers' going to take their lead from FPS game maps? I'll love to play an airsoft site based on Counter Strike's Aztec of Dust maps. ---

Be nice to get at least a game in this season.

Other gaming diversions are my growing interest in board games. We are starting to have regular family game nights and you'd be amazed (or not) just how many zombie themed tabletop games there are out there. Last weekend we had a go at - of all things - Walking Dead Monopoly!

Really, it was just Monopoly. I don't know what I was expecting, but I thought
there would have been more special zombie-themed rules. Still, it was fun.

And keeping within the undead theme I'm excited about a Kickstarter crowd funding project called 'Survive the Nights'. It a computer game in the style of DayZ - so a crafting and survival sandbox - and has you assembling the materials and supplies you need to 'survive the night'. It looks very promising and I have pledged some funds towards it. Here's the official teaser...

And here's an interesting commentary by FrankieonPCin1080p, who has had a lot of experience playing various survival sandbox games...

I keep hoping that 'the' ultimate zombie/survival PC game is just on the horizon, each new game that promises much does hint at greatness but just doesn't quite fit the bill. Sony's forthcoming H1Z1 is also on my wish list so sometime someone must get the game-recipe right, surely?