Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Dusting off this blog!

A little life update so please feel free to skip this if you want. This is mainly a chance for me to get the last year or so of activities (or inactivities) off my chest...

So, what's been happening?

Middle age mostly. A hard as I tried to put it off it has caught up with me and I have finally succumbed to doing 'grown up things'. The main thing is that 'we' (and by that I mean the wife) decided about a year ago that 'we' would not be moving house...

This came as something of a surprise to me as I didn't realise that we were seriously considering it. I thought all that looking in estate agents windows was just her being nosey. But no, as usual I was being naive and there was - it seems - some sort of actual plan. In any case, that plan changed, we would be staying put.

Hooray, you would think I would say - but this quickly turned into a resounding 'booo' when I realised what that meant. You see, fellow chaps, that is wife talk for 'we shall now be upgrading our current house to the way I want it'. And there, in a nutshell, is where my life of sloth and hobbies disappeared into a dark abyss.

Not that the wife is all to blame - the fact is that over the past year work-work has also become a huge pain in the arse as well. But of course, I can't change that because (double-trap) 'we' have become used to the income and that income is needed to do up the house the way she (sorry 'we') want it! Double whammy!

The icing on this s**t-cake is that - as a side-effect of all the house 'improvements' - I lost the use of my attic man-cave, which has now become the house dumping-ground. I can squeeze into my gaming chair - but to be honest, the act of gaming is no longer the relaxed and enjoyable past-time so I haven't done much over the past six months (I'm one of those nit-picking people who cannot sit down and do things unless the workspace around me is ordered and tidy).

So, there you have it, my year of hell.

I have been reduced - hobby-wise - to a small 'TV dinner' sized table in the front room to do my hobbying on. Needless to say, this has precluded all but the smallest projects (so most of my hobby blogging has been done on my '' modelling blog). All my bigger projects, or projects that need some space (or are smelly) have been abandoned until I can get the attic back.

In effect, this post is a run-up to this years 'New Year's Resolution'. And my resolution for 2016 is to get some of my hobby time  and hobby space back. (Ironically, one of the aspects of the idea of us moving house that I did relish was the notion that if we got a house with a big garden then I might finally get a shed!)

Middle age sucks...It's just one big race to accumulate objects and nest-build before you die.

Rant over. (I promise I will have a proper Milgeek post soon.)