My drawing of the Yorkshire Air Museum's Dassault Mirage IIIE slowly progresses to the final shading phase...

Bringing Life to a Drawing...

Well, it's taken some time - actually a lot of time - but I've finally reached the final part of my technical drawing process, the rendering (or shading if you life). In fact, you could say that it's drawing to and end! 😁

Having completed the basic outline drawing and applied the colour scheme I now move on to the trickier part of the artwork - the rendering of a realistic shading of the aircraft...

But one of the reasons that this is taking me so long is that I'm working out HOW best to do these sort of profiles, not just technically and aesthetically but also ORGANISATIONALLY. This morning I spent some time simply moving layers about so that they were better located in the chain of drawing. This can get pretty complicated!!!

Reorganising vector drawing's layers so they make more sense.

The purpose of this graphical house keeping was so that I would be able to utilise this design file easily again in doing another version of the plane or so with some minor modification do a different version of the Mirage. After putting all this work in I'd like to reap the benefit by doing at least a couple of different variations on the basic design.

Essentially, though, this is a learning process and I am getting a *little* better at how to produce faux-3D effects to produce a somewhat convincing rendition of an aircraft. Though, at this stage, I am restricting the level of detail a bit to make this early attempt a little less complicated. Things like rivets and the network of panel lines that criss-cross an metal aeroplane have been left out for another day.

I'm enjoying this drawing exercise and hopefully I'll get faster as I get more experience. My goal is rather ambitious in that I want to return to the Yorkshire Air Museum to do profiles of more of their exhibits. I already have enough reference footage of the Mirage IIE's bigger brother - the huge Mirage IV nuclear bomber!

A little doodle I did of the Mirage IV bomber.


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