Just when you think it's 'job done' I go and tinker again with a revised Mirage drawing!

I'm My Own Worst Critic!

Having started this aircraft profile drawing thing there's always a first attempt that you look back on and think 'I could have done that better now'. I'm only three drawings in but already I am picking up a few improved techniques and ways to organise things.

My Dassault Mirage IIIR is a prime example of this as there were lots of niggly little faults in this project, organisationally (how I arranged my vector layers) and in what effects I used to portray shading, to the sheer mechanics of recreating an aeroplane (my first attempt at a wing was a disaster). Seeing the first drawing annoyed me so much that I felt I had to revisit it, even just to tweet a few minor things that were easy to correct.

The fact is that - to the viewer - nothing much might have appeared to have changed. But in true graphic designer fashion, I know they have! 😄

The Mirage IIIR was Dassault's reconnaissance version of the aircraft and was based on their IIIE airframe. My colour schemes for this example is completely fictional - hence the number 'F2' being completely wrong - as at this point I was more interested in working out how to draw a profile than I was recreating a historical example of the aircraft.

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