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Whacky Ideas for Fantasy War Game Tanks!

Where to Begin?

Although I've already done a post on this build I suddenly realised only now that I've never done anything like this before!

I mean, I've made models out f kits before but they have the advantage that they come with instructions so you know how they are supposed to end up and how to put the parts together to get there. 

Crafting a model from your imagination from parts that you just find in your recycling bin is a completely different matter. So forgive me if my thinking is a bit muddled here.

Rewiring Your Thinking...

I'm kinda just getting the idea that creating these junk build takes you out of your comfort zone as a kit maker. You can sketch up ideas for designs - which I have been doing - BUT you are very much dependant on what 'junk' parts you find and so your designs are fluid and might change depending on what scrap materials you have to have. In short, whatever you concept for the project the end result of the build may look very different!

Tonks - Thumbnail Sketches

It's like the modelling equivalent of Russian Roulette! Sort of.

The Gathering!

SO, I realised that - as I haven't (yet) a big box of random crafting materials that I had to have a jaunt into town to buy just a few bits for my construction....

Even More Doodle...

As I collected materials I got more ideas about what I'd like to add to my basic concept, but even so there was no point in doing 'finished' designs... My sketches were all rough and were more of 'suggestions' rather than instructions for a build.

Dinotonk Concept 002

I *think* how this works is that maybe a specific part that you find jumps out at you as a centre piece to your build and you sorta work round that....Maybe?

In my case, I have this niggling notion that I want to include dinosaur skeleton parts in my build. And that's as far as it goes.

Next, I will start playing about with the parts I have collected to come up with some likely combinations that will - hopefully - result in a Tonk! 

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