Making Models from Junk

Some of my Favourite YouTube Junk Model making Channels...

Something for Nothing! Yes, Please!

I like scratch building and kit-bashing, but I tend to use specialist commercially produced building items - like plasticard and styrene rods - in my projects. But there is a whole sub-community of gorilla builders who laugh manically at my frivolous purchases of (quite expensive) building materials and swear by what they can rescue from their own trash can or upcycle from cheap junk!

I envy these crafters a lot and watch a lot of the YouTube channels that cover this sort of 'Blue Peter' style of modelling.

One day I fully intend to have a go at something like this myself and build a robot or a spaceship or some sort of Steampunk gizmo. But in the meantime, I get all my recycling building fix from channels like these....

They Say YouTube is Junk!

Bill Making Stuff -

2. I made a Miniature HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE out of junk

Studson Studio -

3. Let's Make a Plane From Trash

DR Toys - Custom Toys -

4. Scratch building a COMBAT ROBOT 

Cut Transform Glue -

....I'm sure there are lots more, so I'll keep an eye out for them!

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