Dad'n'Daughter Day Out - Whitby

Sometimes hobbies can seem like hard work!

Here, There and Everywhere...

(Post heading photo: A day away from the house just to clear my head. My daughter - Kayleigh - and I went on a day trip to neighbouring seaside two of Whitby to play tourists and have some fish and chips!)

t's been a bitty week hobby-wise, I'm still suffering from having too many irons in the fire, which makes for slow progress all around. I AM making progress to clearing the several on-going projects and once that's done I will be sticking rigidly to a 'two model at a time' regime! But for now... 😜

It's a bit crazy that I am so busy with jobs but not seeing any regular completion but it's been fun and so here's a little update...


A sneaky little project I added to the pile - because it looks to be a quick one - is my Gaslands Mad Max car conversion of small Matchbox or Hotwheels cars.

Indeed, I've already made good headway with this and have been very pleased that although this involves dome new crafting techniques (for me) everything has worked successfully thus far... Score! So, I'm already at the point where the test car has been disassembled and the paint stripped ready to start the customisation process...

GASLANDS - Paint Stripping Matchbox Car

GASLANDS - Capture Pickup Stripped


This is actually one of the major hold ups as it is now not just ONE model but a collection of several sub-projects going on at the same time.

There's the garage building, fuel pump island and canopy, a new storage shed model and I also added a diorama base to mount them all on. Oh, and I've been finishing off the tiny fuel pump and vending machine models AND the N Gauge cars to go with the diorama... SHEESH!

So, a lot going on... But here's a couple of the latest job...

N Gauge Asphalt Road WiP
Above: Beginning the painting of the diorama base.

N Gauge Gas Station Model - Progress
Above: All main sub-assemblies primed ready for painting and weathering!


On top of the various model making projects I am - of course - trying hard to make some progress on the clear out of my attic man cave. This feels very much like bailing out a leaky boat as no sooner do I get rid of some stuff than more stuff arrives to take it's place (being as how the attic is not only my man cave but the house's dumping ground).

BUT...I am very slowly seeing some light at the edge of the forest (I caught sight of a bit of the floor carpet yesterday... I'd forgotten what colour it was)!

However, this is a major and important project as I'm having to work between the junk at the moment so constantly running out of space to put stuff. PLUS, I a always forgetting where important stuff it as a lot of things are still having to be stored in boxes...

NO, no photos to illustrate - it's to depressing and embarrassing I'm afraid. Suffice to say that I feel like I am juggling a lot of work at the moment. Luckily, I am making sure that I am finding time to relax with some computer gaming to relieve the stress... 😆

Zombie Army 4 - StaceFiona's Big Hit!

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