ZA4 - Dad'n'Daughter Team

Nerves in tatters as we struggled against the undead hoards!

Dad'n'Daughter Teamwork to the Next Level!

Brilliant co-op session on ZOMBIE ARMY 4 last night. StaceFiona and I felt the pressure as we tried out the game's HOARD MODE, and ever increasing intensity of defending ourselves against the undead in the sewer map. Each round wracking up the difficult with new and more difficult boss zombies coming at us at each stage!

Zombie Army 4 - Zombie Nazi Gunner

I really like the Hoard Mode, it always reminds me of the movie 'Zulu' as we had to fend off the waves of attacks from behind our barricades with ever dwindling ammunition.

But the highlight of an already frantic session was when I was finally overwhelmed by the zombies leaving Stace on her own! But if we thought that was the end of the game we were wrong...

Zombie Army 4 - Stacey Saves the Day

The Campaign Mode Creeped Us Out

After that heart pounding session we went back to the co-op Campaign Mode for what we thought would be a 'relaxing' cool down... How wrong we were. 😬

Rebellion - the game developers - have really nailed the creepy horror atmosphere for this game and while the Hoard Mode was frenetic chaos, the Campaign descended into another type of nerve jangling game play with it's spooky locations. And aside from the eerie locations the developers have scattered plenty of easter eggs and amusing little pop culture references and jags into the game...

Zombie Army 4 - Creepy Woods

In fact, there is plenty of humour - all be it sometimes a little dark - in the game which will have you are your teammates chortling away. It's quite a relief during some of the more chaotic moments and soe of the gags show plenty of imagination...

Zombie Army 4 - Zombie Nazi Half Track!

It's early in the campaign as yet but already things are starting to get challenging, even for a two person team. You really have to watch each other's back, particularly when you have to conduct one of the operative missions, like carrying an object from one place to another of activating some machinery.

In these cases, as a pair, one of you can carry out the job while the other acts as a body guard!

Despite the need to think on your feet and be quick on the trigger, at it's heart Zombie Army 4's relationship to Rebellion's Sniper Elite game is obvious. You main armament is the scoped long rifle and you always have to be ready to keep a cool head and take that life saving shot!

Zombie Army 4 - StaceFiona Head Shot

Zombie Army 4 - Dad Shot

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