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The Saga Continues, Let's Try Again!

Back to Square One...

Yes, I'm STILL trying to get my attic man cave into a state where I'm not ashamed to film in it (I really want to try streaming my hobby work). At the moment it remains a complete junk yard... It's the usual problem, I no sooner clear some of the junk out the attic that we find more junk that we need to put back into it!

Man-cave 2023
Above: Would you believe me if I said that this photo is of the attic AFTER
I sorted and threw out a lot of the junk?

Overall, we have been clearing out a lot of old stuff from the house in general, so maybe I have a better chance of clearing the attic this time??? 😏

Starting From The Back

You have to start somewhere, and I've decided to start from the back wall. This is where my main hobby workbench is situated. Before this, I have been doing a lot of general clearing, sorting and binning of stuff in the attic in order to just be able to easily get to the back wall! (I kid you not!)

Until now I was kinda cramped into a tiny space in from of my bench, surrounded by boxes and boxes of crap. It was really quite claustrophobic.

I must mention though, one of the biggest improvements that helps out with the work was the addition - a year ago - of the three huge Velux type windows in the west facing roof. They really lighten up what used to be a very dingy and dark room...

Man-cave 2023
Above: Two of the three large new skylight windows has turned our dreary
attic into a fantastic studio!

Designing a New Crafting Space

Central to my plans for my new crafting station is the fact that I want to video my work more often and at a better quality. I want to get past the amateurish hand held and shoddily lit videos that I could only film infrequently because I was always hard pressed for space.

Anyway, I have a cunning plan...

Workbench Filming Design

The two main features are the ceiling mounted soft box and the desk 'H' stand to mount a top-down facing camera. Both of these should improve my production quality (I hope)!

The ceiling mounted soft box should give me nice even illumination over the work area, but it will be supported by a couple of side mounted LED lamps left and right as well (mounted on the 'H' poles).

My DSLR type camera (Fujifilm XT-2) will be mounted on the top bar of the 'H' stand facing down and pointing at the work space. This will give me a excellent overview of my working on projects (backed up with a second side-view from my mobile phone camera mounted to the side).

Nice Idea..... Now TIDY!

Well, I'm getting ahead of myself somewhat really as there's still loads of clutter to sort through and get rid of. The main issue has been where to put stuff I want to keep. We don't have much free space in the house BUT this time I've convinced the wife to sacrifice the guest bedroom for storage, just while I'm working on this.

One niggling thing is the state of my current desks. They are ramshackle, and I would really like to be able to afford to replace them with sturdy kitchen surface tops - but that would cost a good amount.  

So, for the meantime I'll have to make do with what I have... And continue to work amongst the junk piles until I finally clear out all the clutter!

View From The Man Cave
Above: I get some wonderful views of the sky from my skylights!

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