Dad'n'Daughter Game Night - Zombie Army 4

Team Beaty has finally found it's footing in this Zombie survival game!

Getting Out S*** Together! (Finally!)

Despite the fact that ZA4 is a bit of a rip-off of Left4Dead or Back4Blood - both of which Stacey and I have played to death (LOL pun) - it has still taken us three session to get into the rhythm of this zombie survival game.

It might be because we have been jumping between the campaign mode and the hoard modes of the game, both of which give you at totally different style of game. The hoard mode is far more intense and chaotic as you try to work your way through increasingly challenging waves of zombies in order to escape the level.

Of the two modes it is this Hoard mode that has really challenged us...But last night we managed to complete a whole wave mission without feeling that our hearts were about to explode (our first attempt left us needing us to calm down before taking on another mission as we only just made it by the skin of out teeth)! 😵

Dad'n'Daughter Game Night - Zombie Army 4

Getting Us in the Mood for Halloween

OK so zombies in of themselves are sorta creepy, but it's the environments that Rebellion has created that really gives this game the horror feel. 

Quite apart from the fantastically spooky maps and environments that the developers have created they have also injected a 'hell gate' aspect to the game. There are plenty of demonic references with cultists and satanic shrines and rather disturbing dolls (which Stacey really doesn't like) to give you the impression that you are in some sort 'B' movie! I love it! 😉

Dad'n'Daughter Game Night - Zombie Army 4

Teamwork Wins the Day!

Sticking together wins the day... Well, most of the time anyway! There have been a couple of occasions when we dropped the ball and got killed while we lost sight of what each other was doing! Ooopps!

But, basically we stick within range of each other so we could pull each other out pf the doo-doo when we got into trouble. Another thing we are finding is that having weapon load outs that complementing each other play style is very effective.

I personally like my sniper rifle - concentrating at specialist 'bosses' - while Stacey loves her SMG for tearing up the waves of minions. She also prefers grenades while I like to set mine traps for when we have to fall back.

Dad'n'Daughter Game Night - Zombie Army 4

However, communication is also something we are learning to get better at. In our earlier attempts at beating off the waves of oncoming zombies I noticed in editing the resulting videos that there wasn't a lot of chatter as we were too engrossed in concentrating on whet was coming at us. Latterly though, we started to make a point at calling out particular threats - like hard to kill major bosses - or even if we were running low on ammo or health so that we could step in to cover one another.

At times were were shoulder to shoulder during particularly dicey situations....

Dad'n'Daughter Game Night - Cornered

All in all, we have really grown to like this game , despite it just being another flavour of the Left4Dead format. There are enough creative additions and amusing novelty moments to still keep us amused. And the fact that the difficult levels are even increasing in the campaign mode and that we are getting more adept at taking on the hoard mode means each weeks session of Dad'n'Daughter night is much anticipated.

Obviously, we will get to the point where the novelty will start to wane - and indeed we have already started to discuss what our next game might be - but, for now, Team Beaty is looking forward to the grand finale of the game and our show down with Undead Hitler himself!

Team Beaty rating for Zombie Army 4: 6.5/10 (Marked down because it's obviously another L4D).

Dad'n'Daughter Game Night - Zombie Army 4

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