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If traditional kits are too fiddly there is an alternative!

Now I'm Ham Fisted, How to Continue?

I've started to get interesting in 'Quick Build' kits due to my reduced dexterity in my right hand, which makes conventional model kit making a bit more tricky (particularly when it comes to the detailed painting stage). 😟

I started out with my GUNPLA kit and I'm moving on to an Airfix 'Easy Build' Ford Mustang model, both of which are a little less tricky to build AND - importantly - don't require any painting. But, lately, I've come across brick models, Lego style kits made by companies like COBI, etc.

Airfix Quick Build Ford Mustang GT 1968
Above: Next on my 'to do' list is this Quick Build Mustang.

I was never much attracted by Lego's (expensive) techno and themed model kits - Star Wars and the like - but the COBI range of Historic models really tickled my fancy. I kind appreciate the almost 'cartoony' look of some of the designs, I don't mean that in a derogatory way just that the way they have had to simplify the designs in order for them to work in the brick format makes for some very elegant solutions to depicting war machines.

SO... Once I have completed my current lust of easy build models I think I will give one of these brick kits a go BUT which one?

Ships, Planes or Army Mobiles?

Being how this a whole new field open to me there is - of course - a large amount of options when it comes to the type of blocks kits that I can choose from. In fact, I am kinda over-whelmed.

Luckily, it will be a few weeks before I clear my current project cue and am able to undertake a block kit so that gives me plenty of time to make my mind up what I'd like to try.

On top of that, we are nearing the Festive season, which means I have a birthday and Christmas on hand soon and so I could be cheeky and ask 'Santa' for help in choosing! 😉

But here's a few options that all look absolutely fantastic. These three models are all by COBI...

Above: The spectacular - but very expensive - COBI HMS Hood!

COBI Morane - Saulnnier MS.406
Above: Beautiful COBI Morane - Saulnnier MS.406.  

COBI Churchill Mk. III
Above: The fearsome COBI Churchill Mk. III.

These pictures don't really give you an idea of the sheer size of these models - the aircraft series come in at about 1/37 scale I believe - but they are all pretty big. The HMS Hood model is a whopping 45cm long and will set you back and eye-watering £159. 😬

But, to give you and idea about what we are talking about, both in terms of construction and size, here's a video which illustrates what it takes to build a blocks kit...

So... I'll just have to see what the Christmas Elves have in store for me (I think I've been a goo boy)! 😏

By the way, the whole block kit making thing is a bit of huge rabbit hole to go down, there are a number of manufactures making different themed models at all sorts of scales. I came across a Chinese company called MOYO who make some awesome *UNLICENCED* versions of Star Trek ships. Being 'unofficial' versions of the Trek space ships means you don't pay the expensive licencing 'tax' that LEGO and others bang on their official models... But just take a look at THIS Klingon-look-alike cruiser and tell me it's not amazing!!!

MOYU 89001-89004 Interstellar Ship

Roll on December 24/25 eh? 😉

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