Dad'n'Daughter Game Night on Red Dead Redemption 2 Online!

Everything That Could Go Wrong... LOL

It's amusing that I only just said in a prior post about online gaming that there's always a technical hitch of one kind or another. Well, last's night's first attempt at joining a RDR2 Online session was no exception to this 'rule'!

StaceFiona and I tried to connect via Rockstar's 'Social Club' interface/lobby only to find it was nowhere near an intuitive and trouble free experience. Again (as I said before), how in the 21st century have game developers not got the simple act of connecting gamers via the Internet as simple at making a phone call?

So, yet another game night where we spent a portion of the evening faffing about trying to work out how to join each other in the game, until - finally - somehow it happened... Hello StaceFiona!!! 😆


A Million Ways to Die in the West

Seth MacFarlane had it right with the title of his 2015 comedy movie which highlighted the fatally miserable lives of the inhabitants of the Old West. Moreover, it was a very sound and prophetic analogy for the attitude of the majority of gamers when Red Dead Redemption 2's Online service first started...

Lots of people moaned and groaned about how new players entering the online version of the game lasted about as long as a Russian T-72. The rumours were perhaps a bit exaggerated but, none the less, many RDR2 single players - including myself - were swayed by the apocryphal chatter and avoided the multiplayer aspect of the game like the invitation to a sleep over at Jimmy Saville's gaff!

RDR2 - What Does A Bear Do in the Woods?
Above: You would thing that something as seemingly mundane as an 'wildlife
photography competition' event would be the ideal way to dip one's toe
into the wacky world of online RDR2? What a harmless way to
begin the evening!

So, it was with some trepidation that Team Beaty - at least the StaceFiona & Dad part of it - decided that we would take the plunge in order to rekindle some of the fond memories we had from playing the single player element of the game.

And, to be honest, we were very pleasantly surprised (joining issues aside).

Not What We Thought Was Going To Happen!

While we fully expected to end up peppered with lead as soon as we set foot in the online world of Red Dead 2, that fact is that we were NOT killed once during our evening's adventure by predatory experienced players!

...We were killed a lot, however. But not by fellow online gamers, but by our complete nobbishness and failure to remember that it was three whole years since we played the singe layer version of the game and so we had now forgotten practically everything we had learned from our initial play-through (including most of the key controls and how they worked)! 😏

RDR2 - Gunfight
Above: It was inevitable that we would would become embroiled in a gunfight!

Most of our first night was a comedy of errors - particularly in my case - when even the most fundamental aspects of the game seem to have illuded us.

All those Wild West skills that we had spent so long honing had evaporated, which became perfectly evident when we undertook our first mission and the gun slinging began!

But Something That Hadn't Changed...

While we struggles to find our cowboy mojo again, one this is for sure... Red Dead Redemption 2 is still one of the most beautiful looking gaming world we have ever seen!

In fact, I had forgotten how stunning the environment and detail was...

Red Dead Redemption 2 Screenshot 2020.01.16 -
Above: I took this screen shot back in my first play through of the gam in 2020. I was so
overawed by the magnificence of the games landscapes that a lot of the time I just
stopped and took in the sheer beauty of the vistas!

We didn't spend so much time admiring the views this time around but we were continually cognisant of the amazing details and bustling world that Rockstar has created. There always seemed to be something going on, and that's quite aside from the occasional real live player that crossed our paths (but invariably seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere and so didn't bother us)!

By the end of the evening's session both Stace and I were starting to get a bit more into a rhythm and had identified a few areas that we would have to work on if we were to progress (and certainly before we undertook any of the more tricky online events and missions).

Above: One of those things that just happens as you make your way around
the world of RDR2. StaceFiona and I come across a nightime
firework display...Ohhhh, ahhhhh!

All in all, I'd say - despite the early hiccups - we settled down into a more enjoyable pace and started to rediscover the fun of this fantastically well designed and crafted world! Ye-ha!

A comedy of errors....

RDR2 Online - Not A Very Good Start!

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