Zombie Army 4 - Completed

Stacefiona & Dad Finally Complete a Game!

Not Such a Silent Night!

For our run up to Christmas we had a festive themed Dad'n'Daughter game night. Unfortunately my other daughter - Kayleigh - had been working so wasn't up for a frantic evening of mayhem so it was just the two of us. (We have another Christmas game night planned though which Kayleigh will be joining us on!)

Zombie Army 4 - Team Beaty
Above: We chose appropriately festive headgear for this Christmas session!

So, instead of the light-hearted 'fun' games we were going to play Stace and I decided to see if we could polish off ZOMBIE ARMY 4!

Holy Night... Well, There Were Holes!

It's been a long, long time since Stace and I actually completed a computer game together, I think the last one we finished in it's entirety was a BORDERLANDS game. Since then we have partially completed several games but kinda lost interest or found something new before we got to the end of them.

So we were really determined to push to the finish line with Zombie Army 4. We just hoped that the finale would be a bit lame!

The game difficulty definitely cranked up a notch - as you might expect as we approached the big boss ending - and we both suffered our first major set backs as we faltered with a couple of deaths at the hand of the increasingly massive hoards of undead!

Zombie Army 4 - Dad the Zombie!

Zombie Army 4 - Stacefiona the Zombie!

Amusingly, and this was something neither of us realised is that when you die in ZA4 your character is resurrected as a zombie and you even try to attack your own surviving team mate!

Delivering 'gifts' to the Naughty Boy!

We didn't have to check the list twice to know who was a very naughty boy! 😂

The main feature of this game is the opportunity to take on Adolf Hitler himself in the final big boss showdown! Exceptionally proud of my youngest daughter who entered the spirit of the occasion with a resounding a sincere 'F*** HITLER'!!!

(And they say that the youngsters these days don't get it! Bless her!)

Despite a rocky start - in which I was my usual inept self - we soon started to warm up. Luckily Stacefiona more than makes up for my complete incompetence!

Zombie Army 4 - Tanks a Lot!
Above: Dad - literally - cannot put a foot right! LMAO

Zombie Army 4 - Stacefiona Saves the Day...Again!
Above: Stacefiona saves Team Beaty yet again!

The Christmas Spirit!

We had a wonderfully frantic time working through the last few chapters of the game's campaign. But, eventually, it got to the big finale!

By this time Stace and I had gotten the measure of the normal level bosses but what awaited up in the last part of the game was something that we definitely not expecting. Hitler and his UberPanzer really got us working hard...

Zombie Army 4 - Finale (Long Version)

And what a surprise we had when there was the twist in the tail!

We were so happy to not only defeat Hitler but also to finish a game. As I say, it's been a while since we both managed to get through a complete game and we really felt great about it! Zombie Army 4 is a smashing game and we now have the pleasure of working back through the various chapters in the HOARD MODE! So we have something to keep us going until we find our next game.


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