N Gauge 3D Printed Shunter Complete

Learning How to Make 3D Printed Locomotives.

Don't Know How to Do Something, Check Out How Others Do It!

I had no clue where to start out with making my very first N Gauge model railway loco body, particularly as it had to fit onto a commercially available power chassis. There was so much to take into consideration like; scale, fit, 3D printing thicknesses, resolution, how small I could make detailed parts, etc, etc, etc!!! It was mind boggling.

SO I did what I normally do when making a new and unfamiliar model type, I source an example and see how other people have done it!

I know, that's 'cheating', but I had to start somewhere... Anyway, it worked and I'm now a little more clued up on how to go about making these type of models...

Incidentally, now I have gotten a basic grounding in the process I am already starting to plan my own model design. As I mention in the video I really wanted to make a rear cab shunter and I have now figured out how I might do that. Here's some reference shots of the kind of thing I want to replicate (with suitable modifications based on my experiences making my test model)...

Japanese Diesel Shunter Loco
Above: A Japanese DD502 diesel, a bit big but I can shorten the design.

Japanese Diesel Shunter Loco
Above: A Japanese 28-ton Switcher.

Japanese (Model) Diesel Shunter Loco
Above: A model kit available in Japan, just the look I'm after.

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