Gratnells Cupboard (Static)

Well, 2024 is Getting Off to a Good Start!


'New' Hobby Room Storage Cupboard

OK, this sounds uber boring, but the storage situation - or rather the lack of it - has been a major pain in the ass for me and my attempt(s) to get my attic man-cave organised and cleared of clutter.

I hit a major stumbling block in my tidying at the end of last year as I had gotten to the point that I had sorted and got rid of the majority of the junk BUT was still left with boxes and boxes of stuff that I wanted to keep... With nowhere to store the dang stuff! 😫

So, my hobby room was still full of piles of (full) boxes that I just couldn't shift. Every available space in the house being full of other 'crap'! LOL

Anyway, a bit of a extra Christmas present came in the form of a piece of unwanted furniture from my wife's school. They are one of the 150 UK's schools that is affected by the whole RAAC (Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) fiasco, so the school is basically a ongoing construction site!

Aside from the work to rid themselves of the dangerous classroom the school is having to do a complete reorganisation of their classes by bringing in temporary containerised accommodation for their students in order to continue teaching. 😳

An upshot of this is they are having to get rid of a lot of unwanted stuff or stuff that they no longer have room for... Including lots of older furniture. Ah-haaaaaaa. 😊

My wife (after getting permission, of course) secured me a Gratnells Storage Cupboard...

Second Hand Gratnells Cupboard

Now, these pieces of kit a hugely expensive as they are made like tanks! None of your flimsy IKEA jobs here, these are (forgive the pun) 'old school' construction and cost an absolute fortune. The battered example the wife got hold of for me is the older style all wood version, but even so new examples of these goes for a small fortune new....

Gratnells Cupboard

These cupboards are absolutely idea for the hobbyist as instead of traditional draws they have removable plastic trays so that items can be moved from the cupboard to desks for students to work on the contents and then return the work to the cupboard again at the end of classes. FANTASTIC!

Gratnells Cupboard Draws

The small cupboard I got was a bit battered but still very solid, so solid - in fact - that I actually had to dismantle it to get it up the stairs to the attic (and then reassemble it again)! I kid you not, even each individual part weighed a ton, it is all thick wood! 

Sharon even managed to get me some old mucky trays to go with it. So, at least part of my storage problem is solved (just hope I never have to move the pig of a thing again)!


What a Relief, Video Files Rediscovered!

The second of my bits of good fortune was more of a bit of detective work really.

Last year I actually completed my first N Gauge building model - my rural Japanese Station - and was very pleased with myself. Sadly, while I got a video up about the construction phase of the project - due to some cringeworthy ineptitude on my part - I somehow LOST the folder containing the footage of the painting part of the project from my computer!!!

Before you ask - YES I did have a back-up BUT due to a mix up I somehow deleted BOTH the original AND backup folders....... Don't ask! 😡

Anyway, I thought this was a done deal... Until, I accidently came across a 'transfer folder' that existed on my main PC that I had forgotten about. 

Secret Stash - Lost Footage!

I work across two computers, my laptop downstairs and my main editing PC upstairs (which was partly causes of the problem), so I have to transfer and work from one to the other (I don't have a NAS or Cloud storage set-up - I need one).

So, there were quite a few folders of raw footage sitting in this transfer folder on my desktop machine all along.

Secret Stash - Lost Footage!
Above: Ahhh-haaa! A 'secret stash'!

Anyway, I'm going through the clips now but it does look like I may have enough footage to do a quick overview of the painting process. Another win for 2024! 😆

N Gauge Japanese Railway Station - WiP

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