Campaign Completed We Are Just Mopping Up The Last Bits!

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It's Had A Good Run, But It's Maybe Time For A Change!

StaceFiona and I successfully completed the campaign element of Zombie Army 4 over Christmas. We really enjoyed the game and the storyline was - as you might expect - hilarious!

...And yes, we killed Hitler!

Since then we have been amusing ourselves with the excellent HOARD mode - where we take on increasingly difficult waves of zombies - and returning to some of the campaign missions to discover items that we missed on the first run.

Zombie Army 4 - Hammer Time

But, here we are at the end of May and the challenge is starting to wear thin now. So, we are on the look for a new game to replace this.


We do actually have the option of buying some of Zombie Army 4's DLC add-on missions, which is tempting...

AT £8.50 it's not too expensive compared to buying a completely new game - presuming we can find one - and between this and several other mission expansions it could keep up going until the next 'killer' game comes alone.

But, there again...

Maybe it's time for a change, a new look and challenge would be nice... If only there were a new game that jumped out at us as being 'the one'! 

Sadly, I've trawled through STEAM and there's nothing new that really has me excited, which leaves us with perhaps the possibility of dusting off an 'old' game from our library?

For example, we never got further that the opening mission in ALIENS:FIRE TEAM ELITE...

Aliens Fireteam Elite - Dad'n'Daughter Game Night

This had a lot of promise. It was just the sort of co-op survival horror game that Stace and I like (or so I thought)... BUT... Stacey didn't like the jump scare moments, which I was surprised about (there are a lot of them in A:FTE)!

That said, she says she's willing to have another go so I'll record how we get on.

Something else that's an 'oldie' but which we never tried but that everyone seems to rave about is KILLING FLOOR 2 - which just happens to be on sale on STEAM at the moment so I bought it anyway, just in case.

Again, it's another co-op horror/sci-fi survival game but for some reason we seem to have skipped that one despite it's positive reviews. As it was cheap I sent Stace a copy and we might have a bash. My only worry is it does look it's age - it's Unreal Engine 2 - and so I'm not sure we can go back to those level of graphics after some of the games we've played more recently.

What's On The Radar?

Aside from our back catalogue of games I have been searching through trailers of forthcoming releases to see if there is anything that looks like it would suit us.

First off is one that definitely gives me that Left4Dead vibe, and that's TERMINATOR SURVIVORS. A coop survival game set after the movie 'Judgement Day', so it have a really nice post-apocalyptic feel.

And I love the change of feel by having vehicles at the centre of this zombie survival coop! John Carpenter's TOXIC COMMANDO looks like a a cross better Left4Dead and the offroad driving game MudRunner! 😃

And finally, I mentioned to Stace that if she enjoyed playing WARHAMMER: VERMINTIDE 2 that there was a new Warhammer coop game coming out this year but which is based on the 40, 000 era variation of the franchise. WARHAMMER 40,000 SPACE MARINE 2 is a bit of a mouth full, but then it's a pretty big game!

Unlike most of the coop games we have played this one is in the third person view. I used to be a die hard FPS kinda guy, until I played my first third person game and then I began to understand the advantage of this 'out of body' viewing format. It really makes up for the lack of peripheral vision in FPS (unless you are one of those guys who has a multi-monitor set-up)!

All the above are due for release sometime in 2024, so it might be worth Stace and I sticking with Plan B (playing some more ZA4 but with some of the additional DLC) until one of these titles becomes available.

One last not, I've seen a trailer for a game 'still in development' that doesn't have a fixed release date but does look very interesting. TRENCH TALE looked like a sort of Battlefield 1, First World War 3rd Person Shooter, but as the trailer went on I sorta got flashes of a subtle horror vibe! It almost had Lovecraftian elements where malevolent creatures invaded an already manmade nightmarish world...

This is just my cup of tea and I hope they announce a release date soon

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