Every Draw is Full of Models!

 Last year was very much a time of great changes for me, not only because of health issues but also because of the financial issues. I had to come to terms with what was in essence an enforced early retirement, so there needed to be some belt-tightening!

Rationalisation of Hobbies

I always said that as a person my main hobby was collecting hobbies! I had tonnes of hobbies, and was always finding new interests to try out. In a way this explains why I find it hard to finish even simple projects, because I invariably have several different projects on the go at the same time. 😆

Even today that's true, as I look at my workbench I have no less than six different projects on the go at the same time!

Anyway, I decided last year I had to calm things down quite a bit. For a start I didn't know how my health issues would affect my ability to work on art, craft and model making projects. Also, I no longer had the energy to be involved with laborious - and seemingly never-ending - war gaming projects. Enough was enough.

Every Draw is Full of Models!
Above: "Oh heck! Every draw is full of stuff!"

As a token of this renewed outlook I ruthlessly divested myself off my huge - out of control - kit stash and gave up on my war gaming ambitions, instead 

Tying Up Loose Ends

As much as I wanted to just wipe the slate clean and start afresh with a new unfettered model making strategy -trying out whatever type of model that took my fancy - I am, unfortunately, continuing to uncover old unfinished projects as I clear out my junk yard of a man cave!

Unbelievably, even time I empty a box of random 'junk' or move a piece of clutter I find myself say the same thing - "Oh, I forgotten I had THAT!" And up pops another neglected model!

Every Draw is Full of Models!

Some are the 'same old, same old' wargaming projects I had started as part of my 'grand plan' so are of no real interest to me now, but just occasionally I find a novel little something that's worth putting on the 'too complete' shelf!

I'll be cherry picking the most interesting of my finds and eventually I hope that I'll work my way through the remnants of my war gaming days!

Where Do We Go Frome Here?

I'm not sure but I may have mentioned my future plans for building models before? Anyway, just to recap, now I'm free of the (admittedly, self-imposed) restrictions - brought about by my obsession with building a specific war game army (WW2 Finnish) - I intend to build just what I want.

Model making now is going to be something of a challenge as things are, so I see no sense in making things any more difficult. My only slight rule now is that I perhaps don't build more than two of the same type of aircraft in a row, just so I keep things fresh. So, say, a couple of tanks followed by a couple of fighter aircraft, followed by a couple of ships, and so on...

A Plethora of Models!
Above: My temporary workbench...A strange and varied collection!

I've already started down a pretty eclectic path already - as you can see from what's on my workbench at the moment - and perhaps my only problem now is that I may be taking on too many different things at once and so it's taking me rather too long to finish projects.

But, for me, variety is definitely the spice of life now and I hope the wide variety of projects I'm doing now is also entertaining for you!

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