I just thought that I would highlight the fact that I've started producing a short video diary showing what I am up to on my modelling workbench...

My idea was to produce a 5 minute long 'teaser' every week, but it became apparent almost immediately that this wasn't practical because of my tendency to jump from one hobby to another. Some weeks I simply don't get time to make the progress with my models that I wanted to because I'm busy one something else.

So, practically, the video diary idea has become a bi-weekly feature and is more like a ten minute movie, as I tend to ramble despite my best efforts. 

Still, I am actually getting them done, which is quite amazing for me. And this week's video shows what's new on the workbench, what's in progress and what's nearly finished so it's a good way of keeping me focused (so that my attention doesn't wander).

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