Zombie Army 4 - StaceFiona

A evening of making the undead dead...Again...Whatever!

Slaying Time is Here...

After a bit of a break for the summer holidays, Dad'n'Daughter game night is back again!

This time we are taking advantage of a STEAM sale where I bought us Rebellion's Zombie Army 4. This has been out for ages but never seemed to drop in price... Until now!

Very much a tune in the key of Left4Dead or Back4Blood, but with a WW2 Nazi zombie twist...

Co-Op is More Fun...

Although I've been playing around with the game in single player mode this week last night's game with my daughter -StaceFiona - was far more fun. Aside from having the additional fire power there are certain missions where having someone to watch your back while you perform a mission operation is so much better (see above video where Stace collected the cogs for the machine while I acted as escort).

That said, there is still plenty of opportunity for you to shine individually, like the kill cam moments for example. Sniper Elite's - the game on which this zombie mod is based - famous x-ray kill cam still provides much 'ooooow' and 'aaaaah' moments of hilarity.

Funnily enough, I did wonder where these 'cut scene replays' would break the immersion of this fast paced action shooter, but - in fact - it actually added to the co-op fun and it became a game within a game to try and outshine your teammates fancy shooting!

In this, Stace was the star of the show as I didn't think she would take to the old school bolt action style of sniping. But, in fact, she took to it like a duck to water...

Dad'n'Daughter Game Night - Zombie Army 4

Looking forward to next weeks co-op session BUT - in the meantime - I'll be getting in some more solo killin' in the games manic Hoard mode... The Lee Enfield No. 4 rocks!

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