N Guage Gas Station - Texturizing Exterior

Big Jobs Often Begin With Lots of Little Jobs!

Stuff I Do But Forget About!

Here on Milgeek I tend to show BIG project jobs, like working on an ambitious model or when I complete a job. But, it struck me today that I should mention that I do - in fact - do little hobby task every day!

I tend not to show them because I thing they are really unimportant or wouldn't be interesting for people to look at. But, none the less, they are micro-projects in their own right and I still get a lot of enjoyment out of doing them, even if they are pretty small and routine sorts of things.

So, here's some cases to illustrate the point. These are what I have been working on early this morning - before I have to crack on with the household chores! 😂

1. A Wee Bit of Doodling!

Having to do a bit of back-peddling and come up with a design for my N Gauge Gas Station after the fact! I should have really done this BEFORE I started the model... Ooooops!

N Gauge Gas Station Layout Design

2. Model Signage!

To finish off the look of my gas station I wanted to add some colourful signage and printed detail. So I  did some vector drawings of various bits and pieces in Affinity Designer (Windows app).

These are pretty darn small, so some of the detail gets lost and I sometimes have to modify my designs because some ideas just don't print out that well. But, eventually, I get something that looks OK at the scale and so, next, I have to print it out and test it for size on the models...

N Gauge Gas Station Model - Printed Signage

N Gauge Gas Station Model - Printed Signage

3. And Finally...Some Painting!

I always have some partially completed models on the back burner, like this final batch of my N Gauge vehicles. These are my Mk. 3 versions of my 3D printed cars and I did some painting on the half a dozen models this morning. Just some minor work, but it all moves the project onwards!

Painting Tiny Wheels!

Just Another Day...

So, there you go. Although it doesn't look like a produce a lot of projects I am actually beavering away on a daily basis on something or other.

Just thought I'd mention this as sometimes I don't post up project progress for several days, or sometime even weeks!

Incidentally, I do these sort of smaller update on a daily basis over on my FACEBOOK page: https://www.facebook.com/milgeekmedia

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