We Still Have Some Loose Ends to Tidy Up In This Game!


I May Have Been Premature About This Game's Demise!

OK, sooooo... We aren't totally finished with this game yet. Not that there's much to do now BUT unfortunately the new games that I hoped would be available to replace it are being rather slow to being released and are stuck in the 'coming soon' loop! 😟

(I'm particularly excited about the prospect of Crytivo's 'Trench Tales' but they are now saying the release date will be 2025!)

In the meantime, I'm amusing myself by hunting down all ZA4's in-game collectables and perk missions...

Of particular note - and devilishly hard to find sometimes - are the zombie hands! These are like a rotting version of 'Thing' from the Addams Family and are scuttling about (or cleverly hidden) throughout the various mission maps...

Zombie Army 4 (PC) - That's Handy!
Above: That's handy! LOL ...Sometimes you just get lucky and spot one of
the zombie hands quite by accident!

Sometime they are obvious, as their movement gives them away if you find a good place to scan the environment. BUT, sometimes the developers have been extra cunning and they hide them away is the most frustrating hiding place! (I have spent a whole evening trying to trach down certain zombie hands!)

Anyhoo... Aside from these blighters there are collectables - secret documents and 'comic pages' - to find as well. Plus, there is a thing called a 'Heroic Action' to complete, which is a set-piece event within a mission chapter, such as rescuing a NPC from certain death or other activity.

Zombie Army 4 (PC) - Heroic Action Moment

It's all just a clean up operation really but can be amusing and there is a great deal of satisfaction when you find one of these items having scoured a map several times! 😏

Other Tid-bits That Give Me Joy!

Aside from the above little side quests (if you can call them that) another element to this game that I enjoyed was the gradual upgrading of my chosen inventory of weapons in order to get the most out of them.

I went down the British infantry weapon route with my character 'Hector' (the zombie Brit) and I found this mix really quite a good one. I'm sure other players that went down the alternative American, German, Soviet or Italian weapon route will probably say the same, but the Lee Enfield rifle, STEN submachine gun and Webley revolver really suited my style of play.

Aside for the damage and entity advantage that the upgrade paths give you for your weapons there is the satisfaction of completing the individual challenges that each upgrade presents, until you finally reach 'Mastery' of that gun...

With that done I sort of feel I've nothing left to eek out of ZA4. With no replacement game on the horizon for the moment it's looking like Stace and I will be stretching out Zombie Army 4 a little bit longer with one of the DLC packs that are available. Hopefully there will be some new challenges in them...

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