You Would Think Retirement Would Make Hobbies Easy... Think Again!

So, How's Things Going?

Well, first off, the whole blog situation is still causing problems. I am told that because I applied a custom template to the basic Blogger layout that is has 'broken' the CSS formatting SO now all my text is is black and there isn't much I can do about it except strip out the customisation and start with a new template, which I do not want to do...

AND SO... Welcome to the 'new look' Milgeek blog with it's trend black text formatting. 😆

And Everything Else?

Things have been a wee bit tricky over the past couple of weeks, hence the lack of posts. The wife has been on her half-term holiday, which means minimal hobby time and maximum 'quality couples' time'!

It's nice to do stuff other than hobby things - we all need a break now and then - and I don't like to be a one trick pony and do new stuff every now and them So, upshot is I enjoyed a we break from the man-cave... But, now I'm back.

Above: View from the man-cave.

On top of this there has been a bit of an increase in pup sitting duties. I don't regret this at all - even if it does mean that our needy dog doesn't let me do other stuff that doesn't include her!

Cookie is getting on now - she's 14 - so I kinda feel unapologetic about spending as much time with her as I can (without getting to pessimistic or morbid, but that's just the reality of dog ownership).

So, What Now?

Right, what's on the workbench now..? Well, the usual mix of railway modelling, 3D printing novelties and planning my next model kit build.

First off is my current obsession with making a figurine of the Vault Boy from the Fallout game brought on by our recent watching of the excellent Fallout TV series. This is a 3D print file downloaded from THINGYVERSE...

3D Printed Fallout Vault Boy

As usual, I kinda liked the fact that this was a bit of a shoddy 3D model as it meant I could do what I like to do and improve a sub-par item and make it look a bit better than it should be! (The surface quality was very grotty as I *suspect* this was scanned from a commercial model using one of the new cheap 3D scanners.)

Anyway, this turned out also to be a bit of a battle with my new handicap (literally) or my *wobbly hand'. In short, I now have to paint, paint, paint and re-paint stuff to cover up my shaky brush work and therefore everything now takes me four or more times longer to paint! 😖

Still, in the end I think I have produced something acceptable and I certainly enjoyed doing it which is the main thing.

I'm Getting Wood! <Smirk.>

Next up, is my N Gauge logging wagon project where I am trying to make my own wagon using a mixture of kit bashing, 3D printing and scratch building...

Above: My near completed flat car wagon which is based on
the TOMIX log wagon (left). These wagon models are hard to
find now, hence my scratch build attempt.

I hope to get this finished this week, I'm just waiting for some balsa wood rods to arrive so I can model the actual log cargo!

Second Crack At A Snubby!

One of the earlier attempts at a 3D printed prop gun was a Smith & Wesson Model 36 'Chiefs Special' look-a-like snub nosed revolver model. This was intended at a photographic prop for use when playing 'Call of Cthulhu' role playing game.

I got the 3D files from Thingyverse, but as I soon found out this was yet another model which seems to have been based on low quality 3D scan... The surface texture of the model was very 'bumpy' and the end result wasn't that good...

Prop S&W Model 10 'Snub' 3D Print

Despite a lot of 'post' work to clean the print up the texture remained unsatisfactory, but it made do for a couple of snaps for my game journal...

Prop Revolver - Test Photo

Anyway, I recently came across another version of a Smith & Wesson revolver on Thingyverse, but this time the 3D model seemed to have been properly created using 3D/CAD software. And - sure enough - when I test printed the gun's frame it came out fairly smoothly this time...

Above: My latest attempt is based on a model which looks to be
created in 3D modelling software. Even though my printer is an FDM
the surface is somewhat smother without the 'bumps' that spoilt
my first attempt at printing a 'snubby'.

So, I'm going to have another crack at creating this prop with - hopefully - better final results this time.

It's A 3D Model, But Not As We Know It, Jim...

Another prop for my collection is this classic Star Trek phaser model. I've always wanted a set of the STOS Star Fleet equipment - phaser, communication and tricorder - and this small print is the first step to making this a reality.

It's a very simple model in itself but is part one in a two part project as this acts as an integral piece of the larger Mk. II phaser weapon (a print of which is also available from Thingyverse)...

One complete, the smaller Mk. I clips onto the Mk. II model to complete the classic iconic phaser handgun.

On The Starting Blocks...

Finally, I'll be starting my next blocks construction kit in the form of the next in my brick Vietnam kit series, a M41A3 Walker Bulldog tank.

This one has me a bit nervous as it's my first BIG brick construction kit with no less that 625 parts (plus two figures)! Yikes. So this one will probably take a while to complete, I may even have to build it on my folding table so it doesn't hold up other work on my workbench.

This model has a special memory for me as I still remember distinctly watching the South Vietnamese Army trundling into the city of Hue in 1968 in these tanks. I watched them on a BBC news report on the Tet Offensive on our old B&W TV! ....Boy, I am old! LOL

And so, there we have it, quite a collection of ongoing projects. I will cover each in more detail in their own specific postings. TTFN!

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